Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kylie Joy

On July 15th 2008, I had the great privilege of photographing Kylie Joy Witmer only hours after she arrived into this world. Beautiful Kylie Joy arrived right on time July 15th at 8:36pm; wide eyed and a head full of red hair, she is going to be a beautiful addition to the Witmer clan.

Kesh (mommy to Kylie) did wonderfully; labor was nothing like the first time, which was exactly what we prayed for! God is good! It was so cute to walk in and see Kesh chowing down on chips and a sandwich, and to top it all off she greeted us with a huge grin. She was too cute, if I could only look so beautiful after pushing out a baby!

This family means the world to me, and I was so honored to be able to capture this moment for them. Jim, the older brother I never had and look up to so much and Kesh, the older sister I get all my mommy and baby advice from. I can only hope that these pictures return the favor.

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