Friday, November 28, 2008

Up for a Challenge?

Ladies and Gent’s, I’m proud to say that you will be seeing a lot more posted on this blog…

A fellow photographer lover and his lovely wife have agreed to take our love for photography and make a challenge out of it. There’s no winning or losing, just creative ideas a whole heck of a lot of fun coming up with each challenge. Not only do we challenge ourselves, but we learn from one another in the process.

We are still very new at this and are coming up with rules as we go. The challenges are very open ended and it’s for us to create its meaning. At the beginning of each month we will announce the challenge that we will have all month to work on. Each participate can only select one photo as their photo of the month. (We’ve got think of a better name than that) It must then be posted to our blog on the last day of each month, not a day earlier or a day later. As of now, that’s all the rules we have, except to also have a lot of fun while doing it!

I took the privilege this month of naming our challenge “Old School.” I’m not quite sure what I was thinking when I picked this challenge or what I was even going to do. I think it sounded cool in my head, so I’m guessing that’s why I picked it, because I had no idea what I was going to do. I certainly procrastinated when it came to doing this challenge too, but I think I can say I came up with something good enough to be my first of many.

So with that being said, on Sunday November 30th I will be posting my very first challenge. I’m excited to see what my challengers come up with and what other challenges are to come.

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