Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jim's 30th Birthday

I think in the end I’m going to be the one that documents their life for them, by them I mean Jim and Kesh Witmer... but there are no complaints from me; I’m more that thrilled to do it for them. They are dear and close friends, but I think of them as family more than anything.

Jim Witmer (adopted bro) turned 30 this past Friday and I was more than honored to photograph the evening for them. His family threw him an amazing casino themed birthday bash with all of his closest friends and family. The evening was top notch!

Well, here’s to you Jim!
Happy Birthday, I hope you like the pictures as much as you enjoyed the party!


Katie said...

lyryn, they are wonderful! you did such a great job as always.

Grammy Jean said...

Lyryn, You are a great photographer, the pics make me feel like we were there!

Susan said...

ahhhh these are INCREDIBLE!!! seriously amazing! and the fact that you got this done so quickly is insane! i want copies!!!

and ps- you are awesome because i have NEVER seen a good candid of me and you did it! haha!


Jaclyn said...

Wow Lyryn, I am so impressed with these pictures! You did a fabulous job! I wish we could have been there!