Monday, August 24, 2009

Kasey Girl and Her Ring

This past Friday, one of my dearest and closest friend got engaged!!! We have been talking about it all summer and I was so thrilled to find out the day it finally happened for her. I’m sure she will write about it on her blog soon, but the entire way home from OBX I kept telling my husband how much I wanted to jump up and down with her in excitement of this day!

We got home Saturday, so of course I had to see her!! Even her soon to be hubby said “Don’t you want to stop by Lyryn’s?” Uh… heck yes! So when she walked in and I gave her the biggest hug and looked at the gorgeous ring her man bought her! BTW – Good job Troy. I was thoroughly impressed! ;)

The second thing I did was get my camera out! This is my Kasey girl and her fabulous ring. I didn’t get any of the happy couple, not sure what was going through my head at the time; but the ring is enough for now. Maybe I’ll be doing their engagement pictures sometime soon! We’ll see!! ;)

Love you Kasey and I'm so excited for you!!! xoxox

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Sare said...

oh that is really pretty!!!